Now I am 54

Adrian G. R. Scott : A Poet's Faith

In honour of others, especially Matt Haig (see his book ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’), who have been open and honest about their own mental health difficulties I post this blog in the hope that none of us need suffer in silence and feel as if they are the only ones going through ,what can be, such excruciating difficulties. When I read this it sounds a bit grand, inflation is one of my problems so, just to deflate myself I do recognise my troubles have been like a midge bite that itches for a few days compared with what many go through, but these thoughts may have some value.

Last month was my Birthday, I have reached the heady age of 54. This last year has, probably, been the most challenging of my life and my wife’s. From the end of August 2014 I was beset with an attack of Severe Anxiety Disorder…

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Garden life! 🌿

Jobs done: a sparkling twinkly clean room (and bunnies house) -now for a spot of reading and floral arranging before work! I love my garden so…Honey suckle, Arun lilies and a whole lot more. 🌷🌸🌹🌼🌿



Buttons galore…

“Good friends are like buttons, they keep everything held together”. 

Here are a few of my glorious button collection…a couple of my favourites are here… What to do with them all!?

This lot is from a trip to York I had earlier in the year…any button lovers must take a trip to ‘Duttons for Buttons’ in the city of York, if you ever get the chance! 

PK xo 


My best friend

Having good people around you makes all the difference. My beautiful best friend bought a cheap packet cake mix over today when I said I didn’t have much money or energy to do anything. It’s funny how much fun we had staying in and spending about £2.00! Sometimes these are the best days. Nothing beats a good old fashioned catch up with the girl that picks you up on the darkest of days and is there to make the brightest of days all the more brighter.